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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Lever API and Postings API?

The Postings API is a publicly accessible API that provides access to your company's published job postings; it is often used to set up a custom jobs page. The Lever API, in contrast, requires authentication to access and provides access to all your account data. You can also access postings through the Lever API, but it is much more flexible. In addition to published postings, you can retrieve internal, closed, and draft postings.

Are stages customized by each company?

Stages are defined by each company we work with. Except for three stages: New Applicant and New Lead at the beginning of each pipeline, and Offer at the end of each pipeline. There's also one archive reason that is common to all accounts: Hired. Any other archive reason besides Hired means that a candidate was rejected.

Are tags customized by each company?

Tags are custom and we don't have specific oversight over the tags that our customers create. Nevertheless, we do have Sources built into the app, and there are some sources that are automatically built into each Lever account to track candidate origins.

Does the archive encompass all candidates that have been either rejected or somehow stopped the interview process?

Accounts have many archive reasons, one of which is always Hired. All other archive reasons provide granular insight into the reasons why a candidate was rejected.